So what happened in Jan 2018 at Resource Church

The parables and stories of the Bible! ‘They all ate and had enough’ based on the feeding of the 5000 This was our theme, trying to see how parables relate to us and the world we live in. Despite the snow and cold conditions it was great to see the Cathedral full of people coming together to worship God. Some people came because they’d been last time and some brought others with them. We had people who weren’t really church people come along as well as lots of children and young people. We started with worship from Dot, Cass and band. Sian and John told us some stories based on the lost sheep and the woman at the well. We were encouraged throughout the afternoon to ask ourselves ‘I wonder……’, I wonder what this story/parable says to me. The resource church stations were this week:

  • ‘wonderprayer wall’,
  • a place to create prayers based on this theme;
  • an area to look at some questions that may arise from the parables;
    some creative art work using cardboard and materials;
  • the youth area had potluck bags ‘a lucky dip’ and they had to make up stories based on what they found in their bags;
  • plus there was a chance just to be still and quiet and be guided through a meditation.

We are looking forward to hosting our next resource church on the 22nd April 2018. Venue to be decided!!