What an Atmosphere

There were people coming in before we had even finished sorting out the zones, and some of us went to pray to ask God to continue to be with us as we believed this was a God thing. I went back to tables where we were serving various flavour’s of tea: mint, earl grey, fruit tea and normal tea, coffee’s latte’s, cappuccino’s, espresso’s, flat white, normal coffee & hot chocolate. There was also water & juice if you wanted. We had brownie’s, blondie’s, cookies, Choc fudge poke cake, flapjack, fruity flapjack, lemon sours and flapjack and fruity flapjack for people who needed gluten free and dairy free options and fruit.

We were so busy it was quite a while before I had chance to have a quick wander around the various zones, that were identified by zapstands and coloured lighting. The ‘Youth’ zone was under a gazebo, and was full with ‘young people’ of all ages when I went by, the ‘Crafty’ zone table was full of people making messes with compost and glue ( not in the same mess), planting a bulb and decorating the plant pot with things and a piece of paper that told you how amazing God and you are. The ‘Word’ zone was full of people listening to the Bible being expounded and being helped to read it better for themselves. The ‘Prayer’ zone was also full of people using their creative gifts to pray or to simply sit and be with God.

Some people were simply sitting and enjoying the atmosphere around the cathedral and a few smaller children were playing with some toys.

At about 4 we were encouraged to go towards the middle of the cathedral where the sung worship was to take place and a short message would be given. This was an amazing sight and sound to hear. People standing or sitting, hands by their sides but some raised, and the sound (when occasionally the sound system was misbehaving) of people singing was lovely.

It really was a great atmosphere and to see people worshipping togther, old and young, learning more about God was one of the best things . Did you miss it? Would you like to experience it for yourself? Why not come to the next one – Jan 21st 2018.